Page Title Walkerton Tool & Die is a 37 year old production machining facility located in Northwestern Indiana. We have 40 employees working two 10 hour shifts. Our customer base includes castings for off-road vehicles and construction equipment; power take-off parts air cylinder components; hydraulic connectors; pneumatic hose connectors; office equipment parts; and a variety of parts for other companies. The CNC turning centers cover stock from 1/2inch to 23inches diameter. Both horizontal and vertical machining centers are available. We also have two large CNC boring mills. Machined parts range from 1inch cube to 4' x 7'. Materials covered include castings from iron, stainless steel, and aluminum (we can contract the casting); flat and barstock from plastic, aluminum, stainless, hot and cold rolled steel. Lot sizes start at 5 pieces (large machining), with highest present run of 150,000 pieces per year. We will accept responsibility for secondary operations of such a laser, plasma, or waterjet cutouts; finishing operations such as painting, plating, heat treating, and lettering. It is our intention to provide as much of a ready to stock part as you want.